Educating, Equipping & Empowering Engaged Couples for Marriage – for LIFE!

Educating, Equipping & Empowering Engaged Couples for Marriage – for LIFE!


"The Pre-marital sessions was such a helpful resource for us to have as we navigated engaged life and really helped us prepare for marriage."  –Kimberly & Aaron

A wedding and a marriage are two totally different things.
The wedding is the portal to the marriage.
Let Before You Do help you prepare for your journey of marriage…

Our Vision

Pre-Marital Education should be #1 on your wedding plan 'To Do' List. Our hope is to be Your source of Pre-marital and Marriage relationship education. A resource where solid, wholesome marriage and families can be built upon. It all starts with the right information and skills that we can provide you.

Reach New Heights

After completing one or more of our courses, couples will:

  • learn the purpose of marriage
  • receive a snapshot of your current relationship
  • obtain tools to strengthen your relationship
  • gain effective communication skills
  • gain a valid and reliable source of relationship enrichment
  • obtain an accurate, research-based report of your relationship strength and growth areas
  • learn proven ways to lower your risk of divorce


Research has shown that countless hours of your Time, Energy and Money go towards planning your dream wedding, and that’s important! However, we are sure you agree that investing in Your Marriage is vitally more important! It’s an Investment that will yield a lifetime of great returns and happiness.


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Strong marriages make strong families. Strong families make strong communities. Strong communities make a strong nation.


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